Pati Jinich, host of Pati’s Mexican Table, and Sally Swift, co-creator of The Splendid Table, join forces on Big Appetites. Their goal, in Pati’s words, is to make people “hungry for more,” be it for food or new experiences. The two friends discuss food from all over, their “go-to” cookbooks and recipes, and pretty much whatever else is on their minds. Want to know more? Click.


Episode #5: Pati Goes to Scandinavia

Duration: 15:05 | Play

Pati Jinich details her trip to Scandinavia on this episode. Among the many bases covered: herring, gravlax, the quality of Scandinavian Tex-Mex, whale meat, chicken liver, and tattoos. Also, Sally Swift puts Greek yogurt on notice.

Episode #2: Chubby Pepper

Duration: 16:11 | Play

Pati and Sally talk about their spice cabinets. Pati leans on dried chiles and Mexican sea salt, and informs us that allspice translates to pimienta gorda, or “chubby pepper,” which is straight-up fantastic.

Episode #1: The Avocado

Duration: 10:30 | Play

In the inaugural episode of Big Appetites, Pati and Sally go deep on the subject of avocados and what to do with them.