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Episode #1896: Adam and Steve and Brandi

July 3, 2015 · Duration: 1:09:59 · Play

Luke is back! He joins us from the Chautauqua Institution in western New York. Andrew offers him advice on how to handle a road trip with Robert Pinsky and how to survive a 4th of July weekend alone. Plus: guacamole controversies, bubble wrap nontroversies, and a debate over polyamory.

Episode #1895: It Takes A Lot To Make A Clunker

July 2, 2015 · Duration: 1:02:20 · Play

Stu “The Stu-Bot” Neuman joins Andrew to talk about the latest bit of brilliance from Stephen Colbert, who took over a cable access talk show in remote Michigan. Plus, the origins of a joke about ping pong balls, an awkward interview with an angry football coach, and a movie trivia game like no other.

Episode #1894: Big Meaty Paws

July 1, 2015 · Duration: 1:01:37 · Play

Stu “The Stu-Bot” Neuman joins the show today to discuss the correlation between water parks and ill-advised tattoos. Public radio celebrity John Moe stops by to chat about his new podcast all about the cartoon “Adventure Time.” Plus, the name of a dog has Stu hopping mad, even though he doesn’t want to be angry on Canada Day.

Episode #1893: What To Expect When Expecting A Podcast

June 30, 2015 · Duration: 1:15:01 · Play

Luke checks in from NEW YORK CITY (?!) to talk about his experience at an adult summer camp he visited recently. Plus, he and Andrew discuss drones falling from the sky and the poopiest race in the world. And they also dissect the latest episode of True Detective, probably for the last time.

Episode #1892: Portraits In Over-Thinking It

June 29, 2015 · Duration: 1:08:44 · Play

Andrew and Phyllis take over the show today to talk about proper employee management techniques and the difference between a muumuu and a housecoat. Plus, TBTL breaks its silence on the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling and why a seemingly unpopular album is topping the charts.

Episode #1891: Bros Before HR

June 26, 2015 · Duration: 1:00:27 · Play

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes joins the show to receive the prestigious “TBTL Profiles In Going For It Award.” Plus, he and Luke face off against Quizmaster Andrew in a battle over obscure flag knowledge. And Luke’s mom Susie explains how she plans to crash a Christian gathering on the high seas.

Episode #1890: Just the FAQs

June 25, 2015 · Duration: 1:13:54 · Play

Luke and Andrew explain a new TBTL experiment they’re about to undertake. Plus, one of the world’s most famous pop-artists is wanted in Detroit, and Ben Affleck’s racist ancestor is causing problems for public broadcasting.

Episode #1889: Doctors Without Boundaries

June 24, 2015 · Duration: 1:29:20 · Play

Luke and Andrew talk about a real news story so creepy, it’s guaranteed to give you goosebumps (or your money back.)* Plus, doctors are caught saying some pretty cruel things to a patient they are operating on. And Andrew is clearly on the wireless spectrum.

Episode #1887: Never Do Anything Out of Hunger

June 22, 2015 · Duration: 1:27:40 · Play

Luke and Andrew try to invent a word to describe how they feel about Marc Maron’s interview with President Obama. Pridejealousy? Plus, we delve into the much-lambasted second season premier of True Detective.

Episode #1886: A Cockatiel Named Kangaroo

June 19, 2015 · Duration: 1:09:40 · Play

Luke and Andrew wake up bright and early to bring you another Morning Zoo edition of TBTL. Today they tackle the important issues of emotional-support-kangaroos, Brian William’s non-apology, and why you should never throw away underwear in a hotel room.

Episode #1885: Jukebox Judas

June 18, 2015 · Duration: 1:21:02 · Play

Andrew make a big mistake in one of Hollywood’s most revered watering holes. Luke considers joining the Chicago Blackhawks for an evening. Plus, in depth analysis on Kim Kardashian, Brian Williams, and how to be just-lonely-enough in a hotel room by yourself.

Episode #1884: Dog-o-logical Clock

June 17, 2015 · Duration: 1:21:36 · Play

Luke and Andrew address the “skip-gate” scandal that has been rocking the TBTL community. Plus, Luke wants to Rachel-Dolezal himself into Steph Curry’s family. And we learn that Andrew’s dog-0-logical clock is ticking loudly and proudly.

Episode #1883: The Wig Party

June 16, 2015 · Duration: 1:47:31 · Play

Two of the whitest podcasters around weigh-in on race identity vis-à-vis Rachel Dolezal. Plus, a man whom shall not be named has thrown his toupee into the presidential ring. And Luke and Andrew recap the Game of Thrones finale with the latest installment of A Song of Ice and Spoilers.

Episode #1882: Hide Your Eggs, Hide Your Wife

June 15, 2015 · Duration: 1:15:15 · Play

Our friend Aaron Roden of the Air-Raid podcast joins the show today to play a few rounds of Internet Family Feud. Plus, he and Luke and Andrew discuss their successful and unsuccessful attempts at cheating in high school. Also, eggs are weird.

Episode #1881: Blues Hound Benefactor

June 12, 2015 · Duration: 1:12:30 · Play

Luke has a very strange encounter at a remote gas station. He and Andrew discuss that and the story of a NAACP chapter president who’s apparently been lying about her race. And we say goodbye to one of Luke’s favorite wrestlers.

Episode #1880: Boom Shakalaka

June 11, 2015 · Duration: 1:28:12 · Play

Luke finds himself near the Canadian Border, while Andrew finds himself near the Elation Border over his jigsaw puzzle progress. Plus, Nobel Laureates Say The Darndest Things and the listeners weigh on Luke’s Marco Rubio comments, and mis-use of “schvartz”.

Episode #1879: Complicated Meat Systems

June 10, 2015 · Duration: 1:19:05 · Play

Some of the latest details about the New York prison break are downright bonkers. Luke and Andrew discuss that, and they debate whether or not the New York Times is being unfair to one of the GOP presidential candidates. And listeners weigh-in on yesterday’s pork talk.

Episode #1878: Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Monk

June 9, 2015 · Duration: 1:50:11 · Play

A news story about pigs has Luke questioning his pork consumption, and Andrew thinks he wants to go to Disneyland for some reason. Plus, Jerry Seinfeld says colleges aren’t comedian-friendly, and a Khaleesi named Daenerys goes on a dragon ride.

Episode #1877: Making Wind on the Mic

June 8, 2015 · Duration: 1:34:08 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss this weekend’s big prison break in New York State, Stephen Colbert’s new podcast, and the TBTL dress code (pants are preferred.)

Episode #1876: Flapping Our Yaps

June 5, 2015 · Duration: 1:01:29 · Play

Luke, Andrew and Phyllis flap their yaps about a new invention that helps you drink water, canned crowd noise at graduation ceremonies, and what Flavor Flav’s Linked-In profile might look like.

Episode #1875: Luddites, Landlubbers, and Fools

June 4, 2015 · Duration: 1:15:01 · Play

Angry customers are suing a restaurant and its waiter for spitting in their drink. Luke and Andrew discuss that. Plus, Luke takes his tape recorder out to the launch of the Race to Alaska competition in Port Townsend. And our friend, comedian Andy Haynes, drops by with some dating advice.

Episode #1874: Improvement Opportunities

June 3, 2015 · Duration: 1:12:39 · Play

Andrew and the Stu-Bot take over TBTL today to discuss one of the most spectacular displays of anger on a baseball diamond that we’ve seen in a long time. Plus, Tom Petty rejoins his old, old band from the 1970s. And Stu-Bot will answers all of your ridiculous questions about his personal life and fighting ability.

Episode #1873: Tango and Resentment

June 2, 2015 · Duration: 1:43:19 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss a high school student who decided to ask a girl to prom in the best or worst way possible. They also agree that Nora Dunn is real and that Andy Richter should follow Luke on Twitter. Plus, an epic installment of our Game of Thrones segment, “A Song of Ice and Spoilers.”

Episode #1872: Do You Even Cab, Bro?

June 1, 2015 · Duration: 1:21:08 · Play

Luke surprises Andrew with a story about potential fisticuffs over Andrew’s honor. Then they discuss exploding buildings, an ill-fated romantic comedy, Brian Williams’ future, and a very confused FIFA official.