TBTL (Too Beautiful to Live) is a daily weekday podcast from Luke Burbank and co-host/producer Andrew Walsh. It is about life, current events, popular culture, puttering, serial boat ownership, and tonight pants. Hotline: (206) 414-8285


Episode #2169: Someone Will Be Wearing Tevas

July 22, 2016 · Duration: 1:08:46 · Play

Luke is not sure which Jim Carrey character he should imitate when he arrives at a fancy party tonight. Meanwhile, Andrew refuses to belong to any TV Club that would have him as a member. They discuss these topics, as well as a reporter busted for playing Pokemon Go at a press conference, a reverse prank call by Rap Master Maurice, and Music For Your Weekend!

Episode #2168: Murder, She Pied

July 21, 2016 · Duration: 1:06:39 · Play

Luke is cranked up after hosting a morning radio show and drinking 100 cups of coffee. Andrew is sluggish after staying up all night watching special episodes of Murder, She Wrote. So, yeah. Things get sloppy. They discuss the official end of the VCR, the resurgence of classic North Korean spycraft, and whether or not they know what words mean.

Episode #2167: Tomato, To-Something

July 20, 2016 · Duration: 1:21:39 · Play

Luke joins the show from Wenatchee, WA, where he’s been cavorting with scarecrows and birds of prey. He and Andrew discuss Twitter’s new verification policies, Dungeons and Dragons, and door-holding etiquette. They also tell a lot of jokes and practice their fake laughs.

Episode #2165: That’s A Spicy Meat Bowl

July 18, 2016 · Duration: 1:20:38 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss yesterday’s cringe-worthy 60 Minutes interview with Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Plus, a solution to all your confusion around bath towels, and Luke reviews a movie from 2008.

Episode #2163: Intoxication Delayed Is Intoxication Denied

July 14, 2016 · Duration: 1:15:41 · Play

Luke heads over to Andrew’s Wallingford studio for a rare face-to-face edition of TBTL! They discuss the best pets you should never get, whether or not Luke should bring a cat into his life, and why Andrew has become obsessed with objects.

Episode #2162: Skinnamon Toast Crunch

July 13, 2016 · Duration: 1:29:42 · Play

Luke is weary after a long morning of manual labor. Andrew is doing shots of Mucinex on the air. So, things get a little slappy as they discuss a Canadian singer who went rogue during last night’s MLB All Star game. Luke also quizzes Andrew on rejected license plates in Washington State.

Episode #2161: Fluent In Ham

July 12, 2016 · Duration: 1:13:50 · Play

Andrew freaks out when he realizes he might have infected his computer with a virus. He also admits to lying to the good people at a BBQ joint. Meanwhile, Luke is mesmerized by an airship in the skies of Bellingham. They discuss these topics and prepare for their great Pokemon Go adventure.

Episode #2160: Cruisin’ For A Digital Bruisin’

July 11, 2016 · Duration: 1:27:41 · Play

Andrew is immobilized after “running” five miles yesterday. Luke is immobilized for other reasons. They discuss their upcoming performance reviews, a lawsuit against an artist who claims he didn’t paint a painting, and some $10,000 grapes. Oh, and Luke tries to speak German with a Swiss accent.

Episode #2159: The Problem With I

July 8, 2016 · Duration: 1:12:19 · Play

Luke joins the show from behind a Cracker Barrel in Springfield, MO, where he’s been trying his hand at competitive cup stacking. Meanwhile, Andrew tries grocery shopping at 5 a.m. and loves it. The two of them discuss something they don’t usually discuss: The News. Plus, they say the first of many goodbyes to a very special Infinite Guester.

Episode #2158: Strict Deutstructionist

July 7, 2016 · Duration: 1:23:15 · Play

Luke joins the show from beautiful Branson, MO, aka “Sin City without the sin.” He and Andrew discuss Santa Clauses (or is it Santas Claus?), a “ghost town” that’s not really a town, and the best Capitol Steps promo you’ll never hear.

Episode #2157: Haughty Hoddy With A Banging Body

July 6, 2016 · Duration: 1:20:22 · Play

Luke and Andrew are re-introduced to one of their favorite singing robots. Plus, Luke’s relationship with a questionable contractor comes to a bitter end. He and Andrew also stumble upon dazzling details (and helpful hints!) when it comes to customer service and tech support, and they discuss SnowBot, the Edward Snowden real-life avatar.

Episode #2156: Slow Down, Dr. Demento

July 5, 2016 · Duration: 1:18:57 · Play

Luke and Andrew return to their favorite topic: Vacuum cleaners! Ones they’ve bought, ones they sold, and ones that crawl around the bottom of swimming pools. Plus, a song by a 1960s-era British band has Andrew mad at America for some reason, PBS is accused of lying about its fireworks broadcast, and SONG OF THE SUMMER 2016 IS ANNOUNCED!

Episode #2154: Carol, Hold My Calls

July 1, 2016 · Duration: 1:18:09 · Play

Andrew had a very interesting potential TBTL story, but he let it get away. Luke has discovered an underground comedic genius on Twitter. Also, Luke plays listener-requested classic TBTL drops. And the guys discuss a factually dubious, ethically questionable, but intensely interesting project by a former TBTL guest.

Episode #2153: Ketch Me If You Kan

June 30, 2016 · Duration: 1:01:44 · Play

Luke’s time is Alaska is drawing to a close. He shares some tales of the high seas, where he “caught” some pretty incredible fish. He and Andrew also discuss Nancy Grace’s looming departure from HLN and the announcement of Adnan Syed’s new trial.

Episode #2152: That’s A Tuner, Son!

June 29, 2016 · Duration: 1:06:40 · Play

Luke checks in once again from Ketchikan, Alaska, where he’s waiting for his boat to come in. He and Andrew discuss another TBTL-related mystery that they regret bringing up, a 40 year old Twinkie, and Cleveland: City of Winners?

Episode #2151: Ketchikan’t Isn’t In My Vocabulary

June 28, 2016 · Duration: 1:36:01 · Play

Luke is in Ketchikan, Alaska, overlooking a logging show and boatloads of tourists. He and Andrew discuss a very, very predictable outcome at a Tony Robbins seminar. Plus, the final installment of the season for A Song of Ice and Spoilers!

Episode #2150: Who Kicked The Cat Out? (Who?) (Who?)

June 27, 2016 · Duration: 1:05:49 · Play

Luke is having a masonry emergency. Andrew is trying to solve a kitty litter mystery. President George H.W. Bush is not backing down from a broccoli-loving kindergartner. And a cat name Browser is looking for work.

Episode #2149: Brexit of Champions

June 24, 2016 · Duration: 1:24:19 · Play

Phyllis “The Fletch” Fletcher joins the show, and Andrew shows her how to make a Bloody Mary (which is technically a Bloody Caesar.) Plus, a certain news helicopter makes headlines at a certain boat race in Port Townsend. And we check out some Music For Your Weekend!

Episode #2148: Grande Is The Loneliest Number

June 23, 2016 · Duration: 1:08:27 · Play

Luke is in the middle of a grand adventure involving seaplanes, helicopters and watercraft of all kinds. He and Andrew discuss proper handshake technique, dubious coffee lawsuits, and a new TBTL rule.

Episode #2147: Blandcestry.com And Snapchat Judgement

June 22, 2016 · Duration: 1:13:10 · Play

Luke forces Andrew to quiz him about a famous comedian. No one wins. Plus, Luke’s adventures in pouring concrete (or is it cement?), a teenager has a scary-yet-hilarious emergency, and a listener wants to know how to talk to her new family about politics.

Episode #2146: Your Usually Scheduled Salad

June 21, 2016 · Duration: 2:06:17 · Play

A meat situation at the grocery store leaves Luke temporarily catatonic. Andrew coins a new phrase that will never take off. And a new study from Ikea says most people don’t consider their home to be the place where they live. Plus, catharsis reigns in this week’s Song of Ice and Spoilers.

Episode #2145: Wristy Business

June 20, 2016 · Duration: 1:24:29 · Play

Luke and Andrew celebrate Cleveland’s historic victory in game 7 of the NBA finals. Plus, they dig into the new, epic O.J. Simpson documentary, and listeners weigh-in on Andrew’s picky eating.