TBTL (Too Beautiful to Live) is a daily weekday podcast from Luke Burbank and co-host/producer Andrew Walsh. It is about life, current events, popular culture, puttering, serial boat ownership, and night pants. Hotline: (206) 414-8285


Episode #1999 Pt. 1: Happy Janksgiving

November 25, 2015 · Duration: 1:18:12 · Play

Luke and Andrew are simultaneously preparing for their Thanksgiving dinners and the 2000th episode of TBTL. They talk turkey (if you will) and side dishes. And then Luke sees something out his window that will definitely scar him forever.

Episode #1998: On The 8th Day, The Bartender Pulled The Plug

November 24, 2015 · Duration: 1:27:12 · Play

A new ad campaign in a New York City subway car is making travel uncomfortable for some riders. Luke and Andrew debate whether it should have been pulled. They also review “Fargo” and “The Leftovers” WITHOUT SPOILERS. We promise.

Episode #1997: I’ve Been Eating This Dumpling For Five Years

November 23, 2015 · Duration: 1:52:19 · Play

Luke and Andrew examine all their ugly insecurities after run-ins with a rude flight attendant and a slow cashier. Plus, how McDonald’s is trying to improve its drive through windows. And No Point Conversion returns with a recap of yesterday’s Seahawks triumph.

Episode #1996: Figuratively Altamont

November 20, 2015 · Duration: 1:01:12 · Play

Luke’s voice is completely shot, but he soldiers on and joins us for what may be his final TBTL ever. He, Andrew and The Stu-Bot discuss a new John Malkovich film that we’ll never get to see and a new core-building exercise that’s sweeping the nation. Plus, Music For Your Weekend! And a big TBTL announcement!

Episode #1995: Sick Brag, Bro

November 19, 2015 · Duration: 1:14:46 · Play

Luke is sick and hung over from NyQuil. Andrew has had too much coffee. Together they tackle Carly Simon’s big reveal, whether or not Luke should talk to Jimmy Page, and how Small Wonder led Andrew to be a young runaway.

Episode #1994: #Fortsplaining

November 18, 2015 · Duration: 1:25:35 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss leaky basements, digging holes and building forts. They also investigate a new study that says coffee could extend your life. Plus: Guy Fieri’s reaction to Anthony Bourdain’s constant insults.

Episode #1993: Reverse Reverse Lookism

November 17, 2015 · Duration: 1:39:21 · Play

Andrew has some great stories about growing up in a grill-making family, but he also has some sad news regarding his outfit for the 2000th episode of TBTL. Plus, he and Luke discuss a CEO who is hoarding gold and silver in an undisclosed location in Utah, and they review two new Netflix series: Master of None and W/ Bob and David.

Episode #1992: This Town Is Like A Morrissey Song

November 16, 2015 · Duration: 1:38:57 · Play

Luke and Andrew nurse their wounds after a weekend of bad football and bad decisions. But they learn that TBTL is a mood lifter (at least for them.) Plus, we hear from the angriest man in broadcasting.

Episode #1991: Touché, Rodfather

November 13, 2015 · Duration: 1:00:14 · Play

Luke and Andrew try to stay relevant to their international audience by talking in great detail about the local public radio stations in Seattle, Washington. Plus, the sad but inspiring story of a man with a dream, a water park, and a piece of chain. Plus, Music For Your Weekend!

Episode #1990: Ballmer Status

November 12, 2015 · Duration: 1:29:15 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss the fascinating life of a man who steals trains and then returns them. Plus, a new study says it’s best not to trust your coworkers, but it’s not specific about how that would apply to Luke’s high school basketball team.

Episode #1989: Let Go And Let Godsmack

November 11, 2015 · Duration: 1:15:30 · Play

Luke helps Andrew come up with some good jokes for his painting class tonight. Also, sports and alternative-metal music crossed paths in Yakima, WA, and it wasn’t pretty. Andrew explains how he’s different from people like Kanye West and Sean DeTore. And Luke likes his new office chair too much.

Episode #1988: The Brownest Derby

November 10, 2015 · Duration: 1:23:27 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss the best way to survive the dark, wet days of a Seattle winter. There is also a lot of talk about ice cream cones, but that’s unrelated.

Episode #1987: I Want To Hug Your Subconscious

November 9, 2015 · Duration: 1:28:37 · Play

A conversation about President Obama’s new Facebook page leads Luke and Andrew into a conversation about true happiness and fulfillment in life and what makes for a perfect pair of “tonight pants.”

Episode #1986: Teach Me How To Meany

November 6, 2015 · Duration: 1:29:54 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss a huge boon for their former radio partner, Mr. Dave Ross. They also discuss an octogenarian stand-up comedian, a hip-hop political ad, and the “uncomplimentary stew” of Andrew’s personality. Plus, Music For Your Weekend!

Episode #1985: Rhizomes Are Zexy

November 5, 2015 · Duration: 1:23:51 · Play

Luke and Andrew learn that they are “the atonal jazz of podcasting.” They discuss Luke’s encounters with disgruntled bamboo distributors, Serena Williams’ self-proclaimed super heroism, and whether The Godfather is overrated.

Episode #1983: Time Is A Flat Podcast

November 3, 2015 · Duration: 1:02:46 · Play

Luke and Andrew try a bold new experiment on TBTL. It involves clocks. Plus, why the new speaker of the house has to have his office fumigated, Luke’s rules for first dates, and why everyone is mad at Twitter today.

Episode #1982: Psalt To Taste

November 2, 2015 · Duration: 1:46:37 · Play

On today’s show, Luke reviews a 27-year old movie that everyone loves, and Andrew reads a series of the most unfunny tweets anyone’s ever tweetered. Plus, what do World Series fireworks have to do with breast cancer awareness? Plenty, apparently. And we talk some Seahawks and Browns in this week’s No Point Conversion.

Episode #1981: TBTL Spooktacular 2015: The Spookening

October 30, 2015 · Duration: 52:41 · Play

On this Halloween eve, Luke and Andrew review their Halloween resolutions and swear to follow-through with them this year. Plus, we revisit the scariest TBTL story ever told, compliments of friendo David Boze. And we have a spooktacular edition of Music For Your Weekend!

Episode #1980: Hot Dog Stories

October 29, 2015 · Duration: 1:39:23 · Play

Andrew survived a windstorm that lacked any kind of narrative arc. Luke survived three airplane flights that felt like four. Plus, the origins of the phrase “hand over fist”, how to age gracefully, and the tropical cruise Andrew accidentally won.

Episode #1979: Coins Rule Everything Around Me

October 28, 2015 · Duration: 1:13:47 · Play

Welcome to the TBTL Morning Zoo! Luke has an early flight he has to catch, and Andrew is worried he’s not allowing enough time to get to the airport. Plus, Andrew has a new favorite magician after another visit to The Magic Castle. And a man in Louisiana has been collecting pennies for almost half a century, but it doesn’t seem to be paying off.

Episode #1978: Who Pushed The Fish?

October 27, 2015 · Duration: 1:41:54 · Play

Luke is increasingly worried that he might wet the bed at some point. Andrew is worried for him, too. They discuss that, along with hot topics of the day, including Big Mouth Billy Bass, Cypress Hill’s second album, and the $7.58 Luke accidentally scammed out of a hardware store this morning.

Episode #1977: All Tupacs Go To Heaven

October 26, 2015 · Duration: 1:34:00 · Play

Andrew is upset about what happened in a Browns bar in Hollywood yesterday, and it’s making Luke sick to his stomach. Sort of. Plus, Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx are going to start touring as holograms, and the New York Times asks if you would kill baby Hitler, if given the chance.

Episode #1976: The Throng Song

October 23, 2015 · Duration: 1:41:04 · Play

Luke and Andrew debate whether it’s okay to name a children’s clinic after a donut chain and whether a bunch of college students were wrong for taking photos of Malia Obama at a party. And Phyllis Fletcher calls in to explain why she’s been creeping around our boss’ desk in St. Paul.

Episode #1975: A Lot Of Friends, A Lot Of Dinners

October 22, 2015 · Duration: 1:25:29 · Play

The Sporkful’s Dan “Doc” Pashman joins us to discuss his new TV pilot and to give us all new nicknames. He also offers Luke “Red” Burbank and Andrew “Tapioca” Walsh some advice regarding TV dinners and bubble tea.