Authors Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter are friends. That friendship has led to phone calls where they’ll talk about the state of the world to the projects they’re working on to the real important stuff, like professional basketball. A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment takes these wide-ranging conversations, adds readings from each author, a fascinating guest or two, and gives them to you in podcast form. You’ll enjoy this one.


Episode #13: ‘The Car Talk of Scribes’

Duration: 36:42 | Play

Jess Walter and Sherman Alexie continue their quest to become “the Car Talk of scribes” by answering another question from an aspiring writer. Then Jess interviews author Manuel Gonzales about writing, genre fiction, and Gonzales’ forthcoming novel.

Episode #12: The Virgin of Menace and Flying Spiders

Duration: 41:32 | Play

Every A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment is about works in-progress, but these works could not be more in-progress. Hear very fresh writing from Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter. Then, the guys interview Spokane’s hip-hop orchestra Flying Spiders.

Episode #7: Molly Ringwald On Writing, Singing, and Work Clothes

Duration: 50:48 | Play

Actress/Novelist/Jazz singer Molly Ringwald joins Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter to talk about singing at the Carlyle, what writers wear to work, and her suspicion of people who say they love to write. Sherman and Jess also discuss the thrill and agony of submitting one’s work.

Episode #6: Ellen Forney and the Literary Mendoza Line

Duration: 57:06 | Play

Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter talk rejection, depression, bipolar disorder, and art with graphic novelist Ellen Forney. Sherman also reads from Radioactive Love Song, the unreleased follow-up to his bestselling YA novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.